Weekly Newsletter – February 11, 2016

No School Friday or Monday

School will be closed on Friday, February 12th for teacher professional development and Monday, February 15th in honor of President’s Day.


This past Tuesday we had our Second Quarter Awards Ceremony. We were able to recognize over 50 students for Academics, Citizenship, Character, Honor Roll, Improved Behavior and other great things!

Immunization Records

Please be sure that you have given the front office a copy of your Immunization Records by February 16th.  Ms. Diaz will be contacting you as a reminder if you have not previously done this

Family Science Days

Family Science Days is for DC-area youth and families and will be held on February 13 and 14 at the AAAS Annual Meeting. This event will take place at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. The showcase features hands-on demos, shows, and other activities appropriate for k-12 youth and families. Contact Kim Joyce with questions at kjoyce@aaas.org.

School Garden

Washington Global was awarded a grant through the Lowe’s Toolbox for Education program. The grant will allow the school to create a school garden in the spring. Stay tuned for updates!

Save the Date for Family Night!

February 29th / 5 – 6:30pm.
Enjoy refreshments and visit our student project gallery!

We will also have a family night in March focusing on high school placement.

PARCC Information

As the PARCC assessment window is rapidly approaching it is really important that you support your child in attending school each day and completing all homework assignments. We will also begin working with students on testing strategies and skills to help them be successful!

IMYC at Home

How does your family collaborate to complete chores around the house?

How can students show respect for others when riding the metro?

What happened in class this week?

In 6th grade social studies students continued to explore trade and the economy. In 7th grade social studies students are continuing to work on their research project on Buddhism and Hinduism.

In math this week the 6th graders learned about positive and negative integers and how they apply to the real world. The 7th graders continued to learn about positive and negative rational numbers and began solving various types of equations using their knowledge of integer operation rules.

In science the 6th grade students continued to deepen their understanding of forces by applying their knowledge to earth and space. In 7th grade students began learning about the evolution of humans as a species.

In art, students continued to explore the various monuments and architecture around D.C. They also spent some time studying perspective and how to illustrate it.

In language arts the 6th grade students read the first five chapters of “World without Fish” and used the text to see how the author developed the idea of fish depletion. In 7th grade the students continued to read and develop background knowledge on Frederick Douglas and slavery.

Students in Chinese reviewed numbers, pronouns and the morning greeting. They also learned about the verb for “to be” and different nationalities in China.

In health and PE students continued learning about nutrition and baseball.

In Spanish, students learned about the past culture and history of Mexico.

Please visit each teacher’s Edmodo site for more info!

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